units of measurement

Under the mentorship of gender specialist Lorena Juan Gutiérrez, Angela Kaisers and Laura G. Jones explore the personal observations, repetitions, and variables that describe the dynamics of measuring romantic love by comparison with either external standards or individual experiences. In a non prescriptive way, the artists address an unstable metric system created by a set of elements through which they analyze their emotions and relationships. The questions risen by this process result in a deconstruction of romantic ideals imposed by capitalist society.
fading in/out

What is it that makes one person stand out of the crowd and fade into your life? And what is it that makes this very same person fade out of your life and back into the anonymous crowd again?

The moments of fading in and out can be a sudden and unexpected experience or a smooth and slow development. They might resemble an emotional rollercoaster or a romantic novel with a surprising twist on the very last page.

Over an extended period of time I kept track of the emotional influence particular men had on my life. These observations are abstractly shown in seven graphs, with each graph representing one man and his fading in and out of my life. The graphs include lovers, ex-lovers and potential lovers and the positive, neutral and/or negative effects they aroused before, during and/or after I was romantically involved with them.

In image and text collages I reflect on and visualize varying aspects of fading in/out.

– Angela Kaisers

Why do we Instagram pictures of romantic anniversary dinners and not of the overflwoing hoover bag we have so lovingly created together?

The idea of love presented in mass media is corrupt with gender stereotypes, capitalism and discrimination.
But the power of this construction of love is so strong that we are left feeling anxious and unfulfilled when our own relationships don't measure up.

Is it possible to mesh this restrictive but highly influential language of love with the everyday lovegrot we create?

– Laura G. Jones
Units of Measurement

How can you measure love?
By the time spent with someone? By the time waiting for someone?

How can you measure feelings?
By putting them into words? By being at a loss for words?

How can you measure a relationship?
By following the standards set by others? By following your own impulses?

– Angela Kaisers

An invitation to re-imagine desire and lust in an age over-saturated with robotic internet intercourse. Mass media defines what we deem sexy but how can we align this with our unique sensuality and personal impulses.
Can we fuck out of love? Or has love's role faded?

– Laura G. Jones
Choreography of Love

A new work devised by the artists and mentor collaboratively for presentation at the closing event. Drawing from personal experiences a choreographic map of lovers’ shared domestic spaces will be transferred into the exhibition space. The work explores how relationships and spacial elements dictate the way we move together creating a spontaneous and subconscious dance.