In her work Angela reflects on her observations of interpersonal relationships, people’s (conscious and unconscious) behavior towards each other and specific situations or emotions they are confronted with. Additionally, she is concerned with different aspects of life and society in the US of the 1960s, with a concentration on politics, gender studies and art.
Constellations, patterns and plots arise and form – and are translated into collages, installations, photo series and texts.
The creative process or method of production of the works can be compared to an abstract hybrid of a scientist and a writer – researching and accumulating information and ideas, experiments and experiences that build a scheme, a storyline. It is up to the viewer – the examiner, the reader – to partake and to put the puzzle pieces of those findings and stories together.

MA Art in Context, University of the Arts Berlin
BFA Fine Arts/Photography, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Her work has been shown in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cologne and Berlin; she has curated exhibitions in Budapest and Berlin. Angela is co-publisher of and contributor to the publication "Mise-en-Scène – Wie Ausstellungen aussehen". Her Master's Thesis "Bermania! Composing a Revival." on the Beat Artist Wallace Berman is in the collection of the library of the Lyrik Kabinett Munich.